Are you new to printed vinyl?!? This is for you!

Have you been curious about our custom printed vinyl, but didn't want to ask?!?  We know exactly how that feels! So we've decided to write this informative blog to assist with any questions you may have about our custom printed vinyl. 

About Printed Vinyl

If you're new to printed vinyl, please read over the following information that helps explain more about it. If you have any questions after reading over this please contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you throughout the process. 

About Our Printed Outdoor Vinyl

Outdoor vinyl is printed with Eco-Solvent inks on a commercial printer, on high-quality gloss outdoor vinyl. We us Oracal Brand vinyl that is the printable equivalent to Oracal 651. This vinyl does not need lamination and will not bleed. 

Helpful Hint: The printed adhesive vinyl is 2.5 mil thick (identical to Oracal 651) but the composition is a little bit different because to the ink and you may find it harder to weed until you get the hang of it. 

We recommend setting your cutter to your typical Oracal 651 setting and adjusting from there. 

About Our Printed Heat Transfer Vinyl 

Our HTV is Siser brand, printed with Eco-Solvent Inks. It can be applied to Cotton, Polyester, or Cotton/Poly Blends. Printed HTV is much different that a product like Siser Easyweed (solid color vinyl) which has the transfer mask built in. 

With our printed HTV, you will cut the vinyl patterned side up without mirroring, just like you would cut Outdoor Vinyl. Then you will weed your design and use a separate sheet of Transfer Mask to life the design from the backing. The transfer Mask can be reused several times, and we include a sheet for free with your order. If you wish to purchase additional sheets of Transfer Mask to have on hand, we do sell individual sheets here